Tecxio - UFI Partner

Mr. Marcelo Szmidt, CEO, TECXIO ®, is our Senior Manufacturing and Engineering Technical Adviser, on Universal Frameworks Advisory Board of Directors.

Marcelo received his Master’s Degree, Industrial Engineering, 1996 – 2000, and his MBA, from Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales with an International Business Orientation.

He continued his education at Universidad TecnolĂłgica Nacional, with a Post Graduate Degree, in Project Design and Evaluation, with a financial, orientation, in 2007.

Marcelo co-founded TECXIO ® which was created by a group of professionals which specialized in different branches of industry: metal-mechanics, software, electronics, aeronautics, and others, with the vision of combining very specific technical knowledge and skills, through a “generalist approach”, resulting in a synergetic process that allows for the creation of products and services with high added value for our clients.

TECXIO ® is focused on the design and development of high added value products and services in the engineering field, primarily, but also has the resources and productive capacity to produce highly complex and very unique service applications, products, prototypes and sets of “small series” or manage the production of large manufacturing, in client plants. Their comprehensive approach of all factors involved in the design and manufacture of successful products includes: functionality, aesthetics, and economic considerations, such that components and materials must be able to be sourced at reasonable prices, so that the pricing of final products is competitive.