Companies and governments are shifting ever more to services online.

The fact is securing cyberspace is hard because the architecture of the internet was designed to promote connectivity, not security.

Therefore, the task becomes orders of magnitude more difficult.

Mobile, social, and collaborative lifestyles have transformed the way we use technology at home, at work, and everywhere in between.

All of us want – and need – to secure our devices, personal information, and business data; to keep our families safe online, our employees productive and to take advantage of all that new technologies, efficiencies, can offer us, while minimizing the risk.

Cyber-security, which involves protecting both data and people, is facing multiple threats, notably cybercrime and online industrial espionage, both of which are growing rapidly, and getting so sophisticated, that it has become a “game” to get ahead of the curve of the bad guys.

What do we need to protect your organization from criminal threats?

Smarter, better-organized hackers are making life tougher for the cyber-defenders, therefore, it is important to keep your enterprise updated with the newest techniques and methodologies-that’s what UFI can do for you-allow you to sleep better, knowing that our expertise, is at work for you.

Our view is that all enterprises need to give a higher priority to security because cyberspace is about to undergo another massive change.

With the embedded technology, where internet connects all devices, the- I o T, starting from our homes, cars, to our computers and networks, it is crucial and critical to have a security solution(s) in place to prevent data theft, and malicious hackers out of our client’s life.

Until and unless these systems have adequate security protection, the internet of things could easily become the internet of new things to be hacked.

We need to ensure that organizations get the basics of cyber-security right. Companies also need to get better at anticipating where attacks may be coming from and at adapting their defenses swiftly in response to new threats.
Employees seem to be the weakest link-all the technology in the world, will fail, unless an attitudinal shift occurs-the time has passed, just to rely on technology.

Do not consider that last year’s security is enough for next year hackers.

As our security solutions get more sophisticated, unfortunately so do the attackers.