Mechelen based, Universal Frameworks Inc., (UFI) is an IT driven cyber Security Company whose team approach creates cyber security products and services that utilize Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) – specifically in the areas of ICT, and ICS.

We are dedicated to being the premier developer and the dominant technology source in the cyber security industry for ICT and ICS.

We accomplish this through building long term committed relationships with our: clients, partners, vendors, employees and all stakeholders.

UFI overcomes some of the most challenging cyber security and information technology issues facing our clients today: such as the Cloud, BYOD, and the I o T.

UFI works with its clients and provides an always-on user experience through fast, secure delivery of dynamic connected cyber security frameworks, technologies and services-both proprietary and in conjunction with our pre-eminent, and foremost, elite industry partners.

Through actionable insights that accelerate, monitor, and secure application and service delivery, UFI’s clients benefit from faster time to market, optimized application performance, and higher-quality deployments, and most importantly-secure networks and secure systems.

At UFI, our solutions and recommendations are linked to and aligned with, the key objectives and secure outcomes, of our clients.

We provide more than just a consult, we make recommendations and implement powerful, game changing, resilient and adaptive solutions to today’s cyber criminals, APT actors that begin with people, processes, and technologies and create Frameworks, which include proprietary UFI KET’s or Key Enabling Technologies.

Our professional mentoring and training services are also designed to enable our client’s enterprise-from the C-Level, to the janitors, and night shift, to become ever aware, self-sufficient, proactive, reducing both the threat level and threat surface, facing so many companies in today’s rapidly changing, cyber threat landscape.
Whether your company is a small to medium size business, large multinational, or a public company- you may be a target today, or in the future, for “The Bad Guys”.

We have professionally certified and dedicated, highly experienced, people with proven IT skills, and we have partnered with the most robust cyber industry solutions’ providers, such that we offer Best of Breed solutions.

Our people have experience working with and assisting a wide variety of organizations: UFI is your trusted partner in cyber security.


UFI Partners


“Keeping our clients safe is our only business-UFI is your trusted partner in cyber security.”


Universal Frameworks Inc., is led by our founder and CEO, Mr. Frank Deceunynck.
Mr. Deceunynck, is a senior .Net developer, a very successful expert in multi-dimensional IT and managerial skilled leadership, with decades of experience, in a diversity of IT applications, in a variety of industries, including software development in large and SMB organizations.
Mr. Deceunynck, received his Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc), in Computer Software Engineering, in 1995, from the Katholieke Universities, Leuven.
As security professionals UFI, is hungry for workable methodologies and best practices that can be used to integrate cyber security into all facets of business operations, the field of information security and the incorporation of security into all information systems.
One of the ways that we accomplish this is by reducing repetitive coding through the use of Frameworks.
In doing so, we generate code in less time, with fewer bugs, and with far more consistency.
UFI is committed to stopping cybercrime by bringing to fore multiple, current, advanced technologies and proprietary methodologies that keep the cyber criminals out of our clients business, and in so doing, we help secure our clients’ businesses by combining the most effective means available now and in the future, both defensive and offensive, by utilizing very robust and dynamic defense in depth unified approaches.


Our team consists of committed IT experts, with deep, vast experience, and we are dedicated in our work that focuses on ICT, ICS and SCADA.
UFI by utilizing “frameworks”, which are essentially code that emulates repeatable processes, and generates a multitude of efficiencies.
Our dedicated group of professionals and project management, facilitate our new and rigorous Cyber Security products’ development, improved pro-active and expanded products by investing in infrastructure, improving our processes and constantly working towards improving ourselves.

Paul Trachtman, UFI Chief Marketing Officer, is an award-winning B2B/B2C sales and marketing expert with more than 20 years’ of success in generating sales, marketing and demand- creating buzz for leading technology, consumer products, financial services and professional services organizations.
He is the former Regional Vice President of Can Capital, a New York based, start-up that he and his sales and marketing team, helped grow and scale, into multibillion dollar private finance company. Can Capital was initially financed by Brown Bros. Harriman, the oldest US private bank, founded in 1818, with over$1.3 billion in revenue, $3.3 trillion in assets, and 5,000 employees worldwide.
Paul was the Regional Vice President of Harbridge Merchant Systems, Inc., for three years and started their Houston, Texas operations until the firm was sold for $90,000.000 in cash to Welsh, Carson, Anderson and Stowe, a New York based venture capital firm.
Paul brings to UFI over 20 years of experience in a diversity of industries, including a strong emphasis in entrepreneurship, product management, sales management, marketing, and enterprise sales, with specific domain expertise in data visualization discovery, business Intelligence, and KPI analytics.
Paul has participated as a keynote speaker and marketing industry evangelist at conferences and tradeshows across the US, Canada and Australia.
Paul is a graduate of Allan Hancock College, with a degree in business administration, and he graduated from Franklin and Marshall College, with a degree in sociology.
He also attended The University of Santa Clara Law School, and the City University London.