How Company Deals with Data Breach

How Company Deals with Data Breach

Data breaching incidents are the inevitable. We need to prepare two actions: the prevention,and the solution to solve the incident.

With many digital crimes happening maybe it is good to take some cases as our learning point and references:

  • Trip Advisor’s Viator

Card payment and account details were stolen and risked 1.4 million of Viator customers of being exposed. The data breach was discovered in the bookings made through Viator’s websites and mobile offerings that could potentially affect payment card data. According to Viator, debit card PIN and CVV numbers were not included on the breaching.

After  knowing this data breach, Viator hired forensic experts, notified law enforcement and have been working diligently and comprehensively to investigate the incident, identify how the systems may have been impacted, and secure the systems. At the same time, Viator warned the customers to monitor their personal credit card transaction, in order to notice suspicious transaction.

  • Albertson’sand SuperValu

Two nationwide supermarkets in the U.S confirmed that digital criminal had stolen their customers’ data and identification, especially credit card details. It is suspected that the data breach issues came from the hacked POS.

To mitigate the effects of this data breach, Third-party data forensics experts were supporting an ongoing investigation and Albertson’s and SuperValu stated that they have taken immediate state to secure their system, so customers would be able to use their credit card as payment safely again in every stores.

  • Heist

One of the biggest online games announced that they were attacked by hackers and compromised users’ credentials, including passwords, names, registration details, and personal details.  It is estimated that the hackers have used a hack tool dubbed “extractor” that would log into user accounts and steal the information.

Although this attack has been confirmed, there is no formal announcement yet on how to handle this issue.

  • Spotify

Spotify, the largest commercial music streaming service has been hacked and confirmed that there was an external intruder broke to the system and gained unauthorized data. It is stated that only users’ data has been accessed but financial details was secured.

In order to minimize the impact of this data breach, Spotify released the updated version of its application in Android and requested its users to change their passwords.

It is true that the number of data breach case keeps increasing each year. Let’s re-check our system and be ready for all digital / cyber threads that may intrude our company.