I Do Not Need Computer Security!

I Do Not Need Computer Security!

Let’s talk about the truth: how many of us are still being ignorance regarding computer security? A lot, I would say. We tend to assume that we are safe and slack of security issues. It is just so easy to do nothing about computer security as our system will run smoothly.

Fact is no one is resistance to cyber criminals. Sadly but true, people keep making excuses to ignore computer security issues. There are many reasons why people forget cyber security but I found the top reasons people use when they were asked to take care of their computer security:

  1. I only browse safe site and ignore unknown links

If you believe so! Unfortunately, there is no 100% safe site exists in our world at the moment. There is always a risk that even a formal, trustworthy website is being hacked. How can you know when they are hacked? The answer is: no – you don’t know!

In addition, you do not need unknown links to implant malware in your device. Even your best friends may send you a malware/virus link just because his/her email is being hacked.

  1. I am invaluable for hackers

If you think this way, then you are underestimating yourself. Every individual is a point access for valuable things. You would never know what others want from you, it could be your company data, your family data, or your financial data (even though you don’t think you have lots of money).

Remember, we all are a potential victim of cyber security. The best thing to avoid it is by protecting our property as best as we can.

3. My hardware will not work with the latest updates

Most of the time, it is not about the hardware, it is about the software for that hardware. Sometimes it’s legacy software that provides the excuse for sticking in the mud of yesterday’s insecurities. So, consider to change your out-of-dates software and hardware because these old devices maybe a point access for hackers to get into your system.

4. Security slows down computers

Indeed! Antivirus or full disk encryption ought to make your computer slow. Not only these two things, strong passwords and two-factor authentication are often blamed for making software and web sites time-consuming to use, even though they typically add just a few seconds to important transactions. However, all this extra few minutes is worth compare to potential loss that may happen if your system is being attacked.

5. I use Mac

All Mac lovers believe that they are safe. This is probably true, but hey – even Mac book can be stolen, right? What if your Mac is stolen? Does this mean that they have access to your computer without any necessary additional software? Therefore, even Mac users need data encryption on their devices.

The excuse list can go longer and longer. There are many reasons you can use to not care about cyber security. However, how sure are you that you are safe? The risk is always there. Stop being ignorance and protect your properties!