Cloud Storage: Let’s Talk About How Safe It Is!

Cloud Storage: Let’s Talk About How Safe It Is!

Cloud storage, the new method of digital data storage, has replaced the old fashion hardware. It requires internet connection and back up your data invisibly by storing your files on a server out in the internet somewhere rather than on your local hard drive. It is cost effective and considerably more efficient as it can be accessed everywhere as long as internet connection is available.

Unfortunately, when you store your digital property online, there is always a chance that this data can be accessed by other parties.  It sometimes happens that hacker steal our data through the cloud storage. Indeed, the remains question is, how safe cloud storage is.

The good news is, cloud storage is relatively safe, as long as you know the limitation of the cloud storage you are using before you upload your files. Thus, it is crucial to pay attention on several things:

–  The service provider you are using

There are many companies offering cloud services, both for individual and corporate usage. Choose the trustworthy service providers with a reputation for excellent physical and network security. Also, pick those with the capability of multiple-level redundancy (server and geography) so there are multiple copies of your data to prevent loss in the case of a server failure or natural disaster.

Another important feature to be checked when dealing with service provider is their policies. Check how they treat our uploaded data: do they encrypt the files during download and upload process?, do they really delete the files from server when we decide to delete it?, do they encrypt the files in the storage?

It is better to choose service providers who encrypt our files. At a minimum prevention level, files that contain confidential information should not be stored in the cloud unless the storage solution is encrypted and you know who can decrypt it.

–  Password creation

Hackers always choose the easiest way to sabotage your network. Therefore, if you choose cloud storage with password protection, make sure to never share your password, even when it is asked by IT people. Remember that even IT people are usually not asking for your password. Be suspicious when they start asking for your password.

Create a strong password that contains different characters (numbers, capitals, symbols) and as possible as you can, unpredictable. For example, do not use your birth place and day as your passwords. On regular basis, change your password and do not re-use the old one.

–  Backup your data

Similarly with hardware storage, back up is always useful in an unexpected situation. There are some companies that offer a small amount of storage free of cost. Take advantage of this and make sure you have your most important data backed up in case of an unexpected loss.

One thing to be noticed is that in some countries, government has the right to search and seizure all digitalized data. In the U.S., for example, any cloud storage company has to be agreed to share their clients’ data when it is asked by the local government

Despite of the possibility as one entrance point for hackers, cloud storage is relatively safe to be used, again, as long as you are aware of the providers’ policies and behave properly according to security manner.