When the world becomes ubiquitous, will security be guaranteed?

When the world becomes ubiquitous, will security be guaranteed?

Research and development in embedded and embodied computing has been done for the last few years in order to actualize our dreams to be connected anytime anywhere. It has been a vision for many of us to have smart house where the house can send messages to us regarding what is happening inside it, or an interactive meeting table that is able to show us our related data and notes.

As a two-sided coin, this development in internet connection and technology raise questions in security of cloud and data transmission. If we can access information from different devices, this means another point access for hacker to steal our data. In addition, it is not impossible that we have a tendency to mix up personal and business cases in our laptop, smart phones, or tablets. This implies that corporate security must accept this reality and support people with everything from online identity controls to simplified, embedded processes, making secure computing as easy and transparent as possible.

Also, it is crucial to integrate all devices in order to secure the ever-expanding universe of endpoints and devices. This will allows company to easily tracks where data is transferred. This way, when cyber crime happens, analysis – prevention – and solution will be more actionable.

It is important to remember that when more devices join the end points, exploits and malware will behave similarly. The endpoint will always be an attractive target for those who seek to intercept, steal information, or infiltrate networks. Thus, more people nowadays claim that endpoint security is ineffective. Endpoints are often considered the weakest link in the security infrastructure, because they are the furthest from any central control and there is generally a human using them.

However, to say that endpoint security is dead is hyperbolic, considering the current problems that we are facing. It is still, the endpoint security plays a critical role protect highly diverse corporate computing environments against complex security problems.

So, when the technology is growing, keep in mind that security has to grows on the same directions in order to avoid unwanted crimes in online life, both personally or corporate point of view.