Running away is impossible but minimizing is doable

Running away is impossible but minimizing is doable

Being a human, to say that we are disease resistant is naïve. Virus and bacteria are everywhere, on the things we touch, water we drink, or even air we breathe in. Similarly, it is impossible to say that an organization is data breach free. Attackers are everywhere and they are evolving. They keep upgrading their technique to break into our systems.

As vitamin is consumed to strengthen our body resistance, there are some actions that act as our antibody in the security health. It detects when our body is not in a fit condition, so we are able to find the solution before bigger issues come.

Each organization needs to think ahead what they will do when something is being stolen. When we refer to stolen data, it does not necessarily mean being stolen in digital world, but also in physical world. Policies are needed to manage how employees treat our data. Encrypt important information, such as customers’ profile, bidding information, or financial sheet. Apart from policy, training and monitoring is also necessary to manage the implementation of this policy.

Another important thing that helps minimizing data breaching is the knowledge of our system. To know our own body and weakness is the best way to avoid illness. Thus, vulnerability and penetration testing is a mandatory to understand what is happening in our network. Vulnerability test allows us to know the whole condition of our network. On the other hand, penetration testing let us figure out if our system is safe enough from intruders.

When doing vulnerability and penetration testing, make sure that we choose the right partner to perform the test. This partner is usually a third-party company in the security field expertise. Do check their credibility because we don’t want to end up with unreliable partners that will hold all our organizational data. Check how this third party company will treat our data before, during, and after the test.

Last but not least, think about IT management solutions. Consider to have cyber liability insurance. By paying considerately little amount of money, we can protect our organization from a potentially huge financial lost, just in case data breaching happens.

As it is said, it is not impossible to be healthy all the time in our life, but it is possible to be healthy most of the time. Security in our organization behaves the same way. It is not possible to always be safe, but there are many things we can do to keep it secured.