Data Security: Simple steps to protect your organization data.

Data Security: Simple steps to protect your organization data.

In this global computing era, as data is transferred from one point to another, it will pass several points where interferences and stealing may happen. Considering this condition, data security has become an important concern of organizations, starting from small to big organizations.

Indeed, there are some laws that regulate how confidential data needs to be handled. Although these laws vary based on local countries regulation, in general, it consists how and why the virtual data, such as financial records or customers identifications, are being processed. Law in data protection reassures that organizations who own confidential data treat this information in a proper manner.

Although data security is a crucial issue, the implementation is not as complicated as we thought. There are several things that can be done to protect your organization data:

Password regulation

To have strong, unidentifiable passwords is one good way to improve data security protection. It is suggested to have a policy that requires employees to change password in every few months. It is also a must to set some regulations on password characteristics, such as number of character, capital letters, symbols, etc.

Always being updated

Make sure that all computers that are used are updated. It is necessary to keep the system updated before updating the software. This way, simple threats that may harm your data are able to be acknowledged as soon as possible.

Secure your devices and application

To take few extra steps while using laptops, tables, smart phones, or its application is worth in order to protect your organization data. Encryption is known as the easiest way to do this. In addition, always have password protection for devices and important software. Last but not least, remote wiping is a necessary feature, especially when the devices are stolen.

–  Beware of Malware

Malware can come through emails, website, or even instant messaging. Always be alert with suspicious activities while surfing. When malware exists in your devices, it is able to access all the data in your systems, crash your devices, and worse, do activity on behalf of you. Never click on the unknown link you received or put any personal information on entrusted website.

Monitor regularly

Keep in mind that when you do not check things, you do not know what is happening. One simple way to monitor your system can be done by using data-leakage prevention software. This software is set up at key network touch points to look for specific information coming out of your internal network. Also, this software can be configured to look for credit card numbers, pieces of code, or any bits of information that would notice a breach.

–  Employees awareness

Last but not least, people are one key point that can’t be ruled out. Employees, regardless their position, are supposed to be aware of how important your organization data is. They have to know how to behave properly and what to do when bad things happen.